5 checkpoints for every Parent in School selection for their Child

5 checkpoints for every Parent in School selection for their Child

  • Why do we need School?
  • What are the salient features of a good School?
  • Who makes good School?
  • How do you compare Schools?

School is the temple of learning. We have been saying that for a long time. But, is it true?

Parents send their child to a school for his overall development- physical, mental and emotional.
When looking for a school for his child, a parent will always want it to be the best. Best in terms of all aspects. But what are the five most important points that should be kept in mind while selecting the right school for your child-
  • Environment- The school should have a positive environment which is very important for the growth of a child and his learning. The school should provide a healthy and learning environment where their emotional and physical well being should be taken care of. Big spacious classrooms, playgrounds to play and learn different sports, canteen, library, computer centre form the infrastructure  which holds the environment in them.
  • Teachers-  The first and foremost reason to go to school is learning, learning to read, write, draw or do such other activities. A teacher is responsible for the child’s activities held inside the school. Qualified and dedicated staff are the pillars of the school. A dedicated and sincere teacher will motivate the child in all his endeavors. The teacher is a guide who supports the child at every step in the journey of education. A teacher will keep the curiosity  of learning and knowing more or gaining knowledge alive in the child.
  • Curriculum- The heart of any institution is its curriculum. There is a set curriculum which should be matching the standards and needs of the growing society. Before the beginning of the academic session, a curriculum is set keeping in mind the vision, focus, objectives and student needs.
  • Teaching aids used- There has been a lot of development in the technology in the last few years. Chalk has been replaced by (Marker) and the blackboard with whiteboards or even one more step ahead with interactive boards. Connectivity to the internet provides with the facility to gain knowledge from different parts of the world. Now the classes have become more interactive and lively with the use of these aids.
  • Extra co-curricular activities- ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, goes the common saying. So it's not only reading and writing that a child does in school but also other activities as sports, public speaking, dramatics, singing, dancing and so on. These activities contribute in personality development of the child. These also refresh a child’s mind as anyone of these may be his passion.
What do you think are the most important aspects of a school?
Where would you be very happy to send your child to get his education?

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