Current Education System - Time to Change?

Modern Education System definitely needs a close look. Is it the best way to feed knowledge to our present and future generations?

  • Is the education system correct?
  • Have we commercialized education?
  • Should there be any exams?
  • Does it make good citizens or machines?
  • Is there any alternative?
Well, if you are reading the above questions, then surely you have the answer as well. But, before answering any of these questions, let us go back to the times when we received knowledge from Guru.
In a system of Gurukul, there was no technology, but still students were subject matter experts. They were good citizens. Definitely there was a vast difference in the way of teaching, teaching aids, methodology.

The main teaching aids used in classroom were books, blackboard or chalk. Even the classrooms were not build within 4 walls. Live objects were used for practical illustrations. Something that was not understood was made easy by practical examples at home by parents.
Well, we don’t see those anymore.
Smart boards, interactive white boards, markers or tablets have come up as teaching aids in classroom. For live examples videos on youtube or google are used. It is good that technology development has given a lot of gadgets for our use. But only having gadgets is not enough. The main thing is how we bring it to our use. “If a child is given a pen in hand and not taught how to write, what use is the pen to him.” Similarly not just having the latest technology at our disposal will suffice the need of our education system. But we must utilise it to the maximum for our benefit. Certain changes need to be brought in the education system:
  • Smart teaching-As discussed above, teachers should guide the students for how to make maximum use of internet for their queries not just a tool to google their answers.
  • Focus on practical knowledge not on rote memory-After session is over, whatever is mugged up is left there and then. Emphasis should be laid more on skill based education.
  • Acknowledge creativity, research and innovative methods-Learning the prescribed syllabus should not be the criteria to judge a child's performance. Acknowledge his out of the box thinking related to the topic.
  • Education for living not just earning-Education does not only mean learning reading and writing. It contributes towards the overall development of a person. Preparing yourself to be an engineer or doctor should not be the only purpose of education. Count all the aspects of education and receive it in the true sense.
Before I conclude, I ask you again…

Are we providing the education to our children in the best possible way?

Or do you agree with me that our education system needs to be changed?
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