“Education” or “Knowledge”…? What’s your choice...

  • What is the best way of learning?
  • Education or Knowledge?               
  • Teaching or Seeking?
  • Mugging up the answers or Practical application of concepts?
  • Self learning or gaining knowledge through personal experience is the best form of learning because there is no chance of forgetting in it. It is thru your own reasoning you figure out the answers to your queries.

    Knowledge is acquired through informal experience whereas education is gained through formal process.

    A child is born, brought up in the family by his parents , grandparents and also by his siblings when all contribute in his holistic development. A child learns many things before going to school for his formal education.This learning is not done as a formal training. Some things may be taught but there are certain things that he observes and learns, practically does and understands. This method of learning is what refers to gaining knowledge.
    Formal education starts at the age of 3-4 years and is carried over a time of 16-18 years. During this time, learning of basic concepts takes place and maximum time a prescribed syllabus  is taught to the children.They read, learn and write but in this process the development of the brain does not take place as it should. On being given the answers, the brain does not do the reasoning. The questions when, why, what, where die even before coming to the mind.

    There is more of theoretical learning in present day education system.

    Is this the kind of education we want to give to our children where the mental ability and logical reasoning does not exist? Can just getting good marks without understanding give us the best doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs?Of course not.God has given human beings the brain which has the ability of thinking, analysing and performing.And this is called knowledge.

    The guru imparted practical training to their shishya.

    In India (Bharat), Gurukul was the centre of learning. Gurukul was made from two words-  guru means teacher and kul means home.The shishya (Student, seeker) had to stay in gurukul till he did not complete his course of learning.Today it has taken the form of teacher student and the learning centres are named schools.
    What is the motive of discussion?

    PATHGURU is not just a search engine but a guru who will enlighten your path.

    Main motive of discussion here is to make the learner utilise his potential and his capability, the skill to do the reasoning and find the solution using his knowledge.
    This is what PATHGURU does for the seekers. It's a platform where students from all over the places can get connected with each other through the medium of internet. They share ideas, find reasons, analyse which will helps them giving a wider perspective. The brainstorming session is the best way to yield better results.It does not apply the teacher student concept that you can learn any topic by searching it on the website and getting the pre written material on it. It serves you by bringing together people of same stream with different approach and ideas about the same concept. It is upto the user who may be a shishya, a guru, a job seeker how he or she gains knowledge through it.

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